Drip Essentials

The Basics for Mastering Drip

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Tuesdays | 10:00am Central

Wednesdays | 2:00pm Central

Jennifer Paphatsalang

Join Jennifer in this 4-part series for learning the foundational strategies for using Drip. She'll break down a specific strategy in each session, share different case scenarios for using each feature, and answer your questions live.

Drip Essentials

During this webinar series, we'll be breaking down the basics for understanding how to use Drip. It is recommended that you attend each topic at least once to help you get started with Drip.

The series includes:

  1. Adding Subscribers - Importing your existing list, setting up integrations, and creating forms
  2. Sending emails - The difference between campaigns, broadcasts, and workflow emails, and the logic behind using each one
  3. Segmentation - Communicate with your leads effectively using tags, custom fields, and custom events
  4. Automation - The steps behind creating a workflow (includes a shared blueprint!) and how to use rules.

These session topics rotate every Tuesday and Wednesday. View the upcoming schedule below or watch a webinar on demand.

Automation - Workflows and Rules Replay 9/12

Adding Subscribers - Replay 9/6

Sending Emails - Replay 8/30

Segmentation - Replay 8/24

The Workflow Game Plan -Strategies for Building Automation

Personalizing your Emails Using Liquid