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Bob Sparkins

Leadpages Marketing Mastery is designed to help you achieve results by providing strategic help on specific things you're struggling with in your business. You dictate the direction of each call, so we can target the things you need the most help with.

Hotseat Coaching + Calendly Widget + Landing Page Revamp (Joanna Sapir)

Hotseat Coaching + Landing Page Revamp (JJ Mayo)

Hotseat Coaching + Landing Page Revamp (Janet Johnson)

Hotseat Coaching + Google Tag Manager

Hotseat Coaching + Landing Page Revamp (Brandon McGrue)

Hotseat Coaching + Landing Page Revamp (Wilko Van de Kamp)

Hotseat Coaching + Landing Page Revamp (Sajid Islam)

Hotseat Coaching + Landing Page Revamp (Wilko Van de Kamp)

Hotseat Coaching + Landing Page Revamp (Richard Kuethe)

Calendar + Brand Colors + Hotseat Coaching

Calendar+Text + Hotseat Coaching

Image+Text + Hotseat Coaching

Zapier + Icon + Hotseat Coaching

Publishing Options 3 + Progress Bar + Hotseat Coaching

Publishing Options 2 + Like + Hotseat Coaching

Publishing Options + Comments + Hotseat Coaching

Leadboxes + Social Share + Hotseat Coaching

Timing Control + Form Widget + Hotseat Coaching

Device Specific Display + HTML Widget + Hotseat Coaching

Page Background + Space Widget + Hotseat Coaching

Page Font Settings + Line Widget + Hotseat Coaching

Facebook Open Graph + Video Widget + Hotseat Coaching

Section Timing + Image Widget + Hotseats

Arrow Borders + Countdown Timers + Hotseats

Minimum Height + CTA Button + Hotseats

Hotseats + Text Widget + Section Padding

Hotseats + Headline Widget + Section Backgrounds

Conversion Coaching + Hotseats (January 2018)

Conversion Coaching + Hotseats

Conversion Coaching + Hotseats

Conversion Coaching + Hotseats

Conversion Coaching + Hotseats

Building Virtual Summit Pages Part 2 + Hotseats

Building Virtual Summit Pages in Leadpages + Hotseats

Facebook Integrated Ads in Leadpages + Landing Page Reviews

Conversion Coaching + Hotseats

Conversion Coaching + Facebook Audience Basics Demo

Conversion Coaching + Hotseats

Conversion Coaching + Hotseats

Conversion Coaching + Hotseats

Split Testing + Hotseats

1-Click Upsells, Checkouts + Hotseats

Conversion Coaching + Hotseats

Essentials Webinar Drip Workflow + Hotseats

Conversion Coaching + Hotseats

Key Components of Landing Pages that Convert + Hotseats

Branding Consistency + Hotseats

New Feature: Checkouts + Pricing, and Hotseat Coaching

Hotseat Coaching + Landing Page Reviews

Traffic Strategies + Hotseat Coaching

Using Audience Feedback to Determine What's Next + Hotseat Coaching

Using Leadpages and Drip Together + Hotseat Coaching

Creative Uses of Leadboxes + Hotseat Coaching

Content Upgrade Strategies + Hotseat Coaching

Resource Guide Strategies + Hotseat Coaching

Optimizing for Mobile + Hotseat Coaching

Facebook Audiences and Pixel Basics + Hotseat Coaching

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