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Copy that connects & converts will bring you clicks, clients, and cash :)

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The quick version? I'm a copywriter for online entrepreneurs who want to connect to their target market with copy that gets clicks. Here's what I know: when a reader on your page feels like you "get" them in a way no one else does - when they feel connected to you - that's when the magic happens. The myth that no one reads anymore is, simply, a myth. The truth is no one reads when the words are boring. But, if your copy makes readers feel like you just stepped into their brain and had a look around, they will be hooked. As a conversion certified copywriter, I take what I know about human behavior and pair it with the right tools to get you conversions. I work with the following industries: SaaS Tech E-commerce Online Learning Platforms ****Please note that I only work on the copy side of the marketing equation. If you're looking for tech set up, I'm not your gal, but if you need words that sell please reach out!

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