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INVENTIVE, PROVOCATIVE, BOLD, EDGY (My Fascination Anthem) an equal cross between a Change Agent/Maverick Entrepreneur! Hi, I’m Elizabeth Harrington. My unique ability is putting on a brand NEW pair of “PERSPECTACLES” and SEEING through a fresh lens how to craft artful and simple, all the way to sophisticated communication strategies, at each of the touch points of your customer’s journey. Smart, Savvy and Strategic, ZIG when others ZAG. Follow the Status Quo? Nope! Disruptive? Yes! Elegant and Sophisticated Style – Yup Customer Love (Creating Raving FANS) or the 4th stage of the Buyer’s Journey is our firm’s favorite area of specialization. We are NOT tech heads or coders. You want to talk about polishing your pixels? We’re not for you. Looking for a very basic new customer acquisition funnel? Keep looking through the directory! I lead a team of highly specialized creatives and disruptors (with an Archer for stability and balance) who THRILL at the prospect of designing personalized customer LOVE/Loyalty/ Experience campaigns with forward thinking decision makers (like you!). More than campaign builders and funnel creators, we design and craft artful customer experiences, ultimately to delight and dazzle with laser marketing precision. We help you reach more of your customers today where they are (mostly on their mobile devices) and this will dramatically impact your bottom line. We customize each of our client’s solutions, as we believe the world has enough cookie cutter methods. We are fun, lively and driven to perform with excellence. On the Fascination Personality Scale, we are a Prestige Brand. This means we aim to over deliver and get that WOW factor for and from our clients! You’re a seasoned and savvy business professional who already has been successful winning customers in your business and now you’re looking for help developing the next phase of your customer journey-winning their ongoing loyalty. You know the days of random, expensive “Spray and Pray” methods of advertising and marketing are waning. You know you want the fastest possible way to STAND OUT, SCALE and GROW your business in today’s fast paced, competitive and noisy market. You just don’t know how to do it, what that means exactly in terms of connecting the dots and the tech, or even where to start. If this sounds like you and you’d like to do a deeper dive into what we can do for and with you, then let’s talk. If you’d like to learn more from a slightly different perspective, visit the Archer, Corinne Floyd’s profile in this directory. In the true spirit of collaboration and partnership, we became Leadpages Conversion Consultants together and Marketing Automation Experts as well! To learn even more….visit http://www.elizabethharrington.com We’re busy adding more resources each day to the new website… Give us a jingle or send an email! Let’s chat, Elizabeth Harrington USA Office: 952-943-2838 Minneapolis MN. elizabeth@elizabethharrington.com Corinne Floyd Canadian Office: 250-710-9925 BC Canada corinne@elizabethharrington.com

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