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Do you need help with Drip by Leadpages? Speak to a Drip Certified Consultant. Automation and being able to measure what is working means a better journey for your customer, more profitability within your business, but more importantly, it means more time for you to spend doing the things you love. I have enjoyed the benefits of repeatable, measurable results within my own 6 figure businesses. I now channel my passion into helping other successful entrepreneurs take their business to the next level using the awesome power of Drip by Leadpages. Maybe you are looking to get customised on-boarding that teaches you how to get the most from Drip? or Perhaps you would rather hire me as a certified expert to do the setup and integration for you? Whatever your Drip needs, I am excited to hear from you. ---------------------------- 1 to 1 Drip on-boarding - Drip 1 to 1 on boarding using your business as the blueprint. This personal coaching gives you a personalised tour through Drip and empowers you with the learning to use Drip yourself. We use your business as the case study for our coaching sessions which means you are left with working automation that you understand because you built it. To get the ball rolling with a free chat, simply click the “Work with me” button above. There is no charge for the introductory session, we meet online and discuss what you wish to accomplish using Drip and there is opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have. Done for you Drip services - Funnel strategy, architecture and implementation. Predictable, measurable and repeatable results refined by split testing. - Lead capture strategy and campaign design including opt in magnet creation and delivery. - Intelligent nurture strategy, design and implementation. Focus on your customers buying cycle including, pain identification, social proof and case studies. - Product integration including sales page, time sensitive urgency, up-sell, down-selll, thank you page. - Payment gateway and cart integration. - Abandoned card campaigns designed to nurture prospects who are unsure. - After-sales funnel strategy that keeps customers engaged in your brand. - Paid membership site automation. - Customer "on-boarding" funnel strategy, architecture and implementation. - Webinar integration as a part of sales process with funnel to handle attend, non attend, leave early, stay duration, purchase and non purchase. Webinars are what work right now and they convert well if run correctly. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If we work together, this is what you can expect from me. 1) Communication - I explain what I am doing, how I am doing it and why I am doing it. 2) Accountability - You get updated every step of the way. 3) Evidence - I show you what I have done and what effect it is having and teach you how to measure and adjust if necessary. 4) Transparency - If something isn't working, you will be the first to know, not the last. 5) Value - My aim is to get you the best measurable return on the money you invest. Using this approach: I helped ENT Training, a UK company in the online training niche, to 10X sales on one of their online courses. Brad Lazarus, Marketing Director of Goliath Sourcing Agency said this... "Ken has a unique ability in being able to very quickly gain insight into the customer journey. All our sessions together follow the same pattern. Ken very quickly understands the problem along that journey. He'll explain where he sees the hurdle or the blocks. I'll have an 'a-ha moment'. He'll make 2 or 3 suggestions to help jump the hurdle. We'll settled on a new approach that 99% of the time 'moves the needle'. - Brad Lazarus Ziv Raviv, the founder and CEO of Booster Monster in Israel had this to say... "Ken's help on pricing, funnels, end to end marketing and positioning of our services allowed us to grow our business in a way that surpassed our wildest expectations. Thank you Ken Kelly for saving me 2 years of my life." - Ziv Raviv I helped Michelle Uulf, the CEO of Kiddly-Winks in Melbourne Australia, to take her local business national. She said "Ken is someone I have great trust in as he treats my dealings with great care and respect; I gain so much more than I could ask for from my time with him." - Michelle Uulf This is what Pat Flynn, thought leader in the areas of online entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and lifestyle businesses, has to say about working with me. "Ken is a student of mine, and he has always impressed me ever since we started working together. He always goes above and beyond the call of duty, and guess what - he's now teaching ME new marketing strategies! Anyone who works with Ken is on the path to success in my book." Pat Flynn -------------------------- To get the ball rolling with a free chat, simply click the “Work with me” button at the top of this page. There is no charge for the introductory session, we meet online and discuss what you wish to accomplish using Drip and there is opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have.

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