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Kathy Colaiacovo is the President at Pepper It Marketing Services Inc. Her specialty is helping small business owners Market Smarter by connecting the dots between their business in the real world and their business online. IN HER OWN WORDS... "We love to help Smart, Savvy Business people overcome their confusion and frustration with marketing online. Not only do the clients get the marketing strategy, we also help them setup and implement the systems and tools. Most importantly, they always end up understanding how all the pieces of the online world of marketing can in fact, help their business grow. That confusion is no longer there!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Click the "Work with Me" Button and get started. We offer a variety of packages and services to get you started! If you are looking for a consult on your Marketing or Leadpages setup... please book a Pepper It Kickstart Marketing Session at a special of 50% off for Leadpages connections only. Use coupon code LPCU16. http://www.pepperitmarketing.com/marketing-kickstart -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Working with clients who are new to the online world, or have been online for a while with no results, Kathy helps her clients decipher the world of social media, email marketing, lead generation, blogging and even their websites. Knowing how to connect all these dots online to gain leads, prospects and sales in the online world is how she helps her clients. Their businesses see changes and results by having a strategic marketing plan, customized for their business and target market. She has developed a niche area of expertise working with hundreds of coaches, consultants, authors and dietitians and nutrition professionals over the past 8 years in business. If you are wondering how to market your business online – Kathy is the Marketing Consultant for you. A LITTLE BACKGROUND... Kathy built her entire business and reputation by networking and marketing online. She started as a Virtual Assistant in 2008 and grew her business into a Multi-VA, Multi Six-Figure Business with 12 VAs working for her. Her clients and team are located all over the world. She is the Past President of the International Virtual Assistants Association, the 1st Canadian ever to hold the position of President in the Association’s 15-year history. She speaks about Marketing to various groups and organizations and is one of the 12 featured “Matrixx” Experts to private groups working with Bob Proctor, a Motivational Leader and Speaker who was featured in the movie “The Secret”.

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