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If you want to improve your website conversions, my team can help. I coded my first website in 1994 and since 1995 I've worked full-time solely online. Now, since you're reading this, you likely know why you want to optimize your site. So, I'd like to show you why you should choose my team to get you started. I'm Rick Hanson, of AutomateYourMarketing.com, and I'll personally help you strategize, create, implement and optimize your site for conversions. Being Leadpages Conversion Marketing Certified and Certified in all of the DigitalMarketer disciplines, I'm able to advise you on all areas of your site. When we work together, we'll deal with things like: * What funnel strategies should we use? * How to set up Lead Capture systems. * What content should I use to drive traffic to my site? * What's the best way to convert my prospects to customer? * What third-party services do we need to integrate to achieve my goals? Plus, advice on all the other aspects of effectively managing and maintaining your site. Also, we'll make sure your site does not just what you want to do now, but that your framework is future-ready. For example, setting up proper naming conventions now, so you'll be prepared to track conversions when you're ready. And that's just one of the things you need to do correctly now, to avoid costly and timely issues later. Finally, as a programmer, should you need custom API work, I can advise on how to get that programmed, or do it for you. In short, since I can oversee all aspects of this process, you'll get what you need, and not have to worry about whether or not it’s going to work. If you think we might be a good fit, the way to find out is to contact me. You can do so on my website. Contact me now, and let's get your site optimized. Serving clients in North America and Australia.

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