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Organized and On Target (My Fascination Anthem - The Archer!) Hi, I’m Corinne Floyd. Observant, Logical and Detailed Follower of the Status Quo? Nope! Proactive? Yes! Easily ruffled? No, I don’t do Drama! Together Elizabeth Harrington and I are the Customer Happiness Team specializing in helping businesses, like yours create happy, loyal customers who keep coming back. We are NOT techies or coders. However, I must admit I do enjoy knowing the numbers in order to narrow in on what is working what is not. A little secret about me is - I can honestly say I like Math! My enjoyment of mathematics goes back a long ways. I have always thought of math as a puzzle that needed to be figured out. The great thing about numbers is – they don’t lie and they always stick to the same story and follow the rules. They give you an honest, direct answer every time. One more little secret about me is that I did take a computer programming course in University and I found it fascinating. I liked planning the flowcharts and taking lots of details into account in order to create a desired outcome. Fast forward to today – Numbers tell us lots of interesting stories about what your customers are doing. Using some awesome cutting edge tools we can tell you what your customers are up to! It is almost like being a psychic! We call this Planned Marketing (Hope Marketing does not work in times like these. You know - create a campaign and hope it works.) For example – We can find out how many of your customers: • watched your entire video • left half way through the video • watched 65% of the video • are interested in one of your products, but not another one • came to your sales page and did not buy • and so much more! Using these tools is how we help you reach more of your customers and give them exactly what they want. Ultimately so you can WOW them. We customize solutions for each of our clients. We love helping people like you be more successful. Sound interesting? The next step is ta daaa... discussing what you’re looking for and exploring if we’re a good fit for you and your business. Give us a jingle or send an email! Let’s chat, Corinne Floyd Canadian Office: 250-710-9925 BC Canada Elizabeth Harrington USA Office: 952-943-2838 Minneapolis MN. P.S. Visit Elizabeth Harrington’s profile in this Directory for more information on Creating Happy Customers.

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