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You might be looking for someone who can be a great FIT for you and your business, along with the professional expertise and experience that YOU CAN RELY on especially when the going gets tough and tight deadlines stresses you out... Great! You're in the RIGHT place. Because I'm looking for someone like YOU who I can partner with in my quest of MAKING AN IMPACT in this World. First, I want to thank you for taking the time to browse my profile. But here’s the truth, I don’t want to waste your time... In fact, I want to save you time and let you know that me and my team are NOT FIT for you if you are … - A serial procrastinator - A constant complainer - NOT an action taker - Are starting out with NO business plan and NO revenue to date. - NOT currently spending or willing to spend at least $500/mo on advertising to grow your business Or if you are in these industries we are also NOT FIT for you... - Multi-level marketing - Pharmaceutical or drug related business (including supplements) - Adult websites - Gambling websites - Cryptocurrency and Stock Trading - Any other industry that might be too risky for Facebook or Google If you are still reading, I guess you don't belong to ANY of those things I've mentioned. Awesome! So are you someone who would like to TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL? Do you want to communicate with your leads and ideal customers in a MORE PERSONALIZED WAY? Imagine how you'll be able to communicate better with your leads and customers because you are sending them highly personalized and targeted messages at the right time and moment. Do you want more people to TAKE ACTION on your website? Imagine, people wanting to ENGAGE on your website, call you on the phone, sign up for your email list, register for your webinar, and buy your products and services... How would that change your life and business? Do you want more people to SIGN UP for your email list? Imagine waking up every morning with a couple of dozens or even hundreds of leads each and every day on your email CRM and autoresponder... Imagine what you would be able to do if you have an AUTOMATED SALES MACHINE that nurtures your leads into customers... Do you want more people to JOIN AND ATTEND your webinars? Imagine how many people and lives you’ll be ABLE TO IMPACT if people are actually attending and staying on your webinar... Imagine how much change you'll experience in your lives and other people's lives when people actually starts buying your products and services... Does that sound interesting to you? Here's why I can help you with this... Hi, my name is Ryan Cruz and in the past few years, I’ve been obsessing with the results that I could get for my clients... Yes, I'm Certified with Leadpages and Drip, CXL Conversion Optimizer Certified, Adwords Certified with 8+ years of experience in the SEM/PPC industry but ALL of THAT IS FOR NOTHING if I can't deliver great results. That is why I'm obsessed about it, I breathe and think about it every single day... But as a disclaimer, we DON’T PROMISE or GUARANTEE anything. No one can. But we OBSESS in everything from tracking, optimization, design, copywriting, marketing automation, sales funnels, and even psychological persuasion tactics like “herding”, “scarcity”, and “reciprocity” to convert your website visitors into highly qualified leads and then into paying and loyal customers. Here are some of the results we’ve achieved for the clients that worked with us… For a high-ticket online course ($997/person) we've helped... “Launched an Online Course in Less than 45 days, sold 80+ spots for a $997 product, with only a Facebook Advertising Spend of $1,390.26” For a newly opened gym, we've helped... “Generate over 300+ High Quality Leads for A Newly Opened Gym with less than $1,000 CAD in Facebook Advertising Spend” For a local LIVE event, we've helped... “Sold Live Event Tickets Worth $51,000+ of ticket sales without spending more than $1,000 CAD on Facebook Ads” You may say that we might know a thing or two about getting results. If you are READY to take your business to the next level, click the GET IN TOUCH button (and email me) or my visit my CERTIFIED PRO Landing Page so that you could learn more about me and what my team does. Visit this website to continue... https://certifiedpro.lpages.co/ryancruz

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