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Dear ConvertedU visitor, Welcome to my Conversion Marketing Certification Page! My name is Ryan Cruz and I'd like to thank you for checking out my profile. I promise you that I won't bore you with things like "why you should choose me" nor is this a sales page for my services. I know how hard it is to find a digital marketing professional that can deliver great results and be pleasant to work with. If you're struggling to get more traffic, leads and sales from your website it's not entirely your fault. The technological advances and changes in the digital marketing industry in the past few years can be quite overwhelming for most. Have you experienced any of the following? - Have you lost a significant amount of search engine traffic because of Google's Panda and Penguin penalties? - Do you think that you're spending too much on advertising and the cost per click and cost per leads are too high? - Are you struggling to convert or entice your website visitors to buy your products and avail of your services? You're not alone. There are tons of businesses that are struggling with those issues and more. You might be here right now because you want to do something about your current situation, and I commend you for that. Kudos for taking action. So, I'd like to be upfront with you that if you want to grow (double, triple, or even quadruple) your business you NEED to focus on just 2 things most of the time... These are... 1. You need to get more "highly targeted" traffic to your website - which you could acquire through free (SEO, viral content, social sharing) and paid (Adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Media buying, Remarketing) channels. 2. And the second is mentioned in the Free Video training that I've created just for my readers like you. You can watch that video here: https://ryancruz.leadpages.co/convertedu/ After working for hundreds of small - medium businesses in North America in the past 6 years, I've seen that the most successful online businesses have focused mostly on these 2 things to help them grow their business. And because there are 'tons' of things that you could potentially do for your website, most website owners confuse "being busy" as being productive and efficient in helping grow their online business. But being busy on your website doesn't mean that you are growing your revenue and your business. I personally know that because I've learned it the hard way. After spending years on the industry and learning from my own mistakes, mostly on trial and error, I was able to 'weed out' tasks and strategies that were just wasting my time and were not providing me with any tangible results. I pivoted and focused started to focus on tasks and strategies that really provided "measurable results" that positively impacted the businesses I've handled. This is where I'd like to be able to help you out. By giving you clarity and focus on what you should be focusing in growing your business. And since different businesses are in different phases of their growth cycle, there is no "one-size that fits all" type of digital marketing strategy out there. In order to succeed, you need the basics or what I call fundamental strategies like a highly converting website, landing pages, and a way to follow up with your website visitors until they become customers and loyal fans. There are tons of digital marketing strategies out there, and what I've found out is that there are specific strategies that are best for each particular situation. The truth is for some businesses, Google Adwords might work, for some it might not because the cost per acquisition and clicks are too high. Or maybe some people might be able to get a lower cost per lead on Facebook because their target audience is engaged and present on Facebook. This is something that can be looked into by researching into Facebook Audience Insights. Or some people might be able to take advantage of FREE traffic like SEO because their website have already built some authority in the "eyes" of the search engines. Or maybe you have an existing customer list and database that are not engaged with your brand anymore because they haven't heard from you in months or years. So, How do you re-engaged those existing customers or subscribers list to help you gain more sales and eventually more customers? These are just some of the things that I look at whenever I work with a new client or business. I specifically look at both short term and long term opportunities. For short term opportunities, I'd like to look at what are the opportunities for "quick wins" so that they could see an IMMEDIATE IMPACT on their business and their bottom line (usually within 30 days of working with me). Personally, I've built a 6 figure online-business from scratch and have worked with clients who have spent multi-millions on digital advertising campaigns. Who knows? Maybe what you need to double, triple or even quadruple your business in the next 30 days is simply waiting to be uncovered and is just right in front of you? Let me help you unlock those 'hidden' profit and growth potentials quickly. Claim your Free Website Audit Today! (worth $499) https://ryancruz.leadpages.co/convertedu/ To your online success, Ryan Cruz "To God Be The Glory" Conversion Marketing Certified Professional Google Adwords Certified Professional Bing Ads Certified Professional https://ryancruz.leadpages.co/convertedu/

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